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Living without

How much do you think you can live without? What do you think you need to survive? How long could you go without your usually modern conveniences? I have been an involuntary lab rat. In 2013 I went 9 weeks without my car while it… Read More

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Why I am not Kondo-ing my house

Most folks in the simplifying movement and who are into minimalism have probably heard of Marie Kondo and her new book, “The life-changing magic of tidying up.”  If you’re new to the movement you will soon see or are seeing many bloggers talking about Kondo-ing… Read More

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My failed “purge post”

I started this post last week. Sorry for the delay. See the addendum below. Happy Wednesday! Well. I spent 5 hours decluttering 2 rooms today while my housekeeping fairy cleaned the rest of the house. Did I take any pictures? No. Why? Because I am… Read More

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My ideal home

Reading through Facebook today I found this posted by another Nourishing Minimalism, a blog I started following. It’s a repost from TreeHugger. I find this idea quite interesting because I have been saying for some time that if I could design a house I would… Read More