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In honor of my 42nd birthday: a post about hair

I turn 42 today. Happy birthday to me!!! I’m cool with 42. Or any age really. Being alive is pretty cool even if life isn’t perfect. There is always something to learn and once I am no longer enthused about learning something new and interesting (other than common core math, which is not interesting and rather like torture) , then I will be ready for heaven. Until then, hello world!

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Hair day

Why is it that it’s always on the day you are scheduled for a haircut that your hair always behaves its best and looks great? It could have been driving you stark raving mad for weeks but, uh, suddenly, perfect. Argh! Yeah, I’m supposed to… Read More

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Simple Hair

Alright, there is nothing “simple” about hair. It’s fraught with all kinds of emotional baggage. We have a lot of hang ups about it. Grey hair before the age of 80 seems to be sort of taboo. As if, “have you never heard of hair… Read More