Molly's playground

Molly’s playground

Welcome! My name is Liz and this is my space to share my journey toward simplifying life and clearing out all the “junk” that gets in the way of really living and being able to help change even a small part of the world. That sounds kind of lofty for a wife and mother of 4 who also works part time +, cooks dinner (almost) every night and likes being involved at church.  Hence, the “imperfectly” simple.  As anyone who were to stop by here could attest, we are NOT perfect by any means and not everything we do or have has achieved a “simple” state.  It is a journey that is exciting, hopeful and sometimes frustrating.  I’m writing here to share what I find and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to help someone else start on their own journey toward a more simple existence. I don’t know who originally said this but I try to always keep the saying “live simply so others may simply live” in my mind always. Try it. It could change your life!


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