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Pretend you have reached the “perfection” of minimalism. You have Kondo’d your life. Everything has been cleaned, decluttered, simplified, culled, curated, purged and pruned. You own nothing that does not spark joy, wasn’t useful or beautiful, didn’t hold intense personal value, makes you turn cartwheels… Read More

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Less house

I wrote a bit ago about how much space we use and what we really need. At the time I thought that about 1200 sq feet would be adequate. I’m not really into building a “micro” house. Living in the northeast and freezing my rear off… Read More

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Anyone out there a people pleaser? Need positive feedback? You always want to make everyone happy and to like you.  You are mortally wounded when someone doesn’t melt from your charm and wonderfulness? It’s hurtful when people don’t warm up to you immediately. You wonder… Read More