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Hair day

Why is it that it’s always on the day you are scheduled for a haircut that your hair always behaves its best and looks great? It could have been driving you stark raving mad for weeks but, uh, suddenly, perfect. Argh!

Yeah, I’m supposed to get my hair cut today. I’m growing out the extreme pixie I had from last summer and I haven’t cut my hair in about 3 months, maybe longer. I don’t keep track of those things. It’s now thick and wavy and a bit stick-outy but it seems to be working. Turned out the short pixie was more work than my long hair was. Who knew? But I’m not growing it long again, just into a bob kind of thing.

I want to look sort of put together without being severe and eternally attached to heating tools. I have pretty much eschewed my hair dryer and am taking a lesson from the French girls: wash your hair at night and sleep on it. Works like a charm for me at this length. I bought this ionic curling brush thing so I don’t burn myself trying to tame it a bit in the morning but I’m not sure it’s working any better than a round brush would. I may ditch it and get some old fashioned curlers instead. They actually work great, especially the velcro ones. You can even sleep in them comfortably. I did that the last time I grew my hair out.

My hair is also dye free at the moment. I’m a natural brunette and I now have some minor natural “highlights.” There really isn’t enough of them to notice much so I think I will keep them a while longer. I’ll be in the sun all summer anyway and no point applying dye that will just get faded out anyway. Apparently French girls don’t dye their hair either, or if they do, it’s only to get back to their natural color and cover grey. I think that’s a good philosophy and makes life easier. Who really wants to worry about roots? Yuck.

Pinterest is my second home. It’s my virtual bulletin board where I can pin up all the little snippets my heart desires without cluttering up my house. I’ve been trying to clean up my boards though because even virtual worlds get messy. It’s a work in progress though, so don’t judge 😉   My “Beauty-ful Inspiration” board is where I pin my favorite hair cuts. What’s great is that you can carry a zillion pics to your hairdresser all on your phone, all in one place. Tres simple!

Well, if it turns out well, maybe I will have a new profile pic. Probably it will have to grow back out a bit before I love it again. That always seems to be the way. There is no one perfect cut for everyone. We are all different and that is a beautiful thing. I encourage you to find your hair groove though and make your hair routine a bit more enjoyable and simple.

I raise my brush to you!



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