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Aftermath of last nights budget session

Lately it seems that it takes a lot more effort to do simple things. First I must muster up courage, then conquer fear and anxiety and then commit to the time needed for a task. (Does this resonate with anyone?) And that was just to balance the check book!

This happens EVERY TIME. And with so much chairs swirling around lately (and always) it just gets that much harder to just SIT and do a task of any sort.

I have a pile of stuff to sell on eBay and clothing to go to consignment. I have a basement full of crap that needs sorting through and an “office” that looks like anything but. Each small step seems like the proverbial “giant leap” and yet I cling to the hope that I can live up to the ideals I have embraced through the simplicity movement.

It’s never going to be perfect. And I am beginning to think that sometimes just letting things go undone is as much a valid part of simplicity as getting things unstuffed and decluttered. The beauty of this movement is that it gives you permission to embrace how you are feeling RIGHT NOW and go with it instead of dealing with later when you have the time (which you never do). And right now I feel like sitting here with my feet up, enjoying a glass of Merlot, and writing this post. Is that cool with everyone?

Thankfully there is always some inspiration to be had elsewhere when I feel like a lump and don’t want to do anything, whether simple or not. Miss Minimalist is wonderfully inspirational.  Simplicity Parenting* also gives me a bit of needed inspiration for getting rid of the kid clutter.  I have even started putting every toy I find on the floor in a garbage bag by the back door. So far, they haven’t asked for anything back. Bwahahahaha!

I didn’t say this would be easy but man, sometimes it is down right exhausting. It doesn’t help that I am currently on medication that makes me tired. Hopefully when its done in 2 months I will get my mojo back and can back in the full swing of clearing out the unnecessary and the kids will also be back in school by then.  For now I will just do simple simply and take baby steps.  Maybe even unnoticeably small steps. But always reaching for the goal.   And perhaps someday I really will have this simplicity thing mastered.

Have a peaceful, restful Tuesday and God bless you.


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